Defense of Integrity

Integrity is the cornerstone of democracy.  Mr. Diels successfully defended the integrity of the Redondo Beach elections process with a court challenge in January of 2019.

Treasurer Diels’ election opponent was ruled to be false, misleading and in violation of election code by Redondo Beach City Clerk and by the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

  • Election opponent falsely declared his primary vocation in his ballot designation
  • Makes other false declarations and
  • Makesthinly veiled attacks on his opponent in his ballot statement — among them that the Treasurer tripled his expenses.
  • Upon his defeat in court, the opponent’s campaign argues that the action is “frivolous”.

The defense of integrity is not frivolous.  The opponent’s attempt to deceive Redondo Beach voters is a serious violation of the public trust.  Integrity matters in the election process and in the office of the City Treasurer.  One entrusted to manage public funds must have the highest level of public trust.   Treasurer Diels has demonstrated integrity by keeping his commitments to Redondo Beach residents and he has demonstrated his ability defend the integrity of the Treasurer’s office and the elections process.