Past Performance

Past performance is an indicator of this Treasurer’s future results.

We successfully navigated the Great Recession. 

We reduced costs and increased revenue!

  • Treasurer salary reduced by $92,000 from $117,000 to $25,000 in 2014. Lower salary took effect in 2015.
  • Interest income from investments increased during a period declining interest rates during the Great Recession.
  • Actual expenditures are DOWN by $98,000 since 2013/14 FY
  • Expenditures have been UNDER BUDGET every year of current reforms.
  • Total year over year SAVINGS during Current reforms = $830,893.46
  • Treasurer’s current Budget is the LOWEST it has been this decade — $422K in FY 18/19 vs. $424K in FY 10/11.
  • Budget is DOWN by $79,390 over last year.
  • Average annual cost of investment management = $6,552.
  • Extraordinary savings in 2015/16 of $389,832.03 from salary reduction and vacant deputy position.