Dear Voters,

I will continue to honor my mission to provide the highest level of service for the lowest cost.

Your previous vote for me as the Redondo Beach Treasurer delivered the highest financial returns for the lowest cost to residents.  I drastically cut the Treasurer’s salary and modernized its operations to save money for core city services like public safety, senior services and education that benefit you, the resident.

I respected your previous vote to:

  • reduce the Treasurer’s salary to the level of our Beach City neighbors
  • increase financial checks and balances, modernize, and reduce costs
  • Author new City Charter flexibility to respond to our tough economy.

My public and private sector experience and education — Five years as your City Treasurer, eight years as a City Councilmember, twenty-nine years as Chief Financial Officer and employer in Redondo Beach, MBA and Doctoral studies – make the course of action clear. The Treasurer reacted by cutting costs — especially his own salary. I reduced our huge $117,000 Treasurer’s salary that was among the highest in California to $25,000.

Your continued trust in me will generate costs savings and modernization that will save over $300,000 per year and $1,000,000 over the Treasurer’s term. Let’s spend less on bureaucracy and more on core services. Please call me at (310) 318-8181 with any questions or concerns.


Steve Diels
Redondo Beach City Treasurer