Why does my opponent want to decrease transparency and decrease the residents’ oversight of our city government?

Why does the Mayor endorse less oversight and less democracy in Redondo Beach?

I am your City Treasurer.  But I do not own the job.  The job of Redondo Beach City Treasurer is held in trust by the individual whom the people of Redondo Beach elect to the position.  The role of City Treasurer is authorized by the City Charter of Redondo Beach which is duly authorized by the people of Redondo Beach.  The individual elected to the position does not own the position.  As such the candidate who claims to want to rid the City Treasurer position from the city lacks a basic understanding of your City government. He wants to give away something that is not his to give.  Should he be elected, he can quit the job because he thinks its unnecessary.  But the City Charter requires that the democratic process be upheld, and a new Treasurer be elected.

The City Treasurer is transparency.  The role is the residents’ elected representative for city finance.  Why would he want to reduce civic representation and over site?  Why would the Mayor support that?  What might the Mayor be hiding?

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