2013 Endorsements:

Steve Diels’ “Saving Dollars & Making Sense” Plan Is Endorsed by:

The DAILY BREEZE Endorses Steve Diels for Redondo Beach Treasurer

Don Knabe – LA County Supervisor

Steve Aspel – Redondo Beach Mayor

Mike Gin - Former Redondo Beach Mayor

Deann & Mike Webb - Redondo Beach City Attorney

Matt Kilroy – Redondo Beach City Councilman, District 5

Jeff Ginsberg – Redondo Beach City Councilman, District 1

Steve Samarco – Redondo Beach District 4 Councilman

Kevin Sullivan – Former Redondo Beach City Councilman, District 2

Jeff Dulcos – Hermosa Beach Councilman

Anita Avrick – Redondo Beach School Board Member

Jane Diehl – Former Redondo Beach School Board Member

Brad Serkin – Redondo Beach School Board Member

Brett Henry – Redondo Beach Budget & Finance Commissioner

Sam Kartounian – Redondo Beach Budget & Finance Commissioner

Ray Benning – Redondo Beach Planning Commissioner

Ann Garten – Former Redondo Beach Planning Commissioner

Nelson Zager – Former Redondo Beach Planning Commissioner

Doug Rodriguez – Redondo Beach Public Safety Commissioner

Christian Horvath – Redondo Beach Recreation & Parks Commissioner

Jill Greb-Brunkhardt – Redondo Beach Recreation & Parks Commissioner

Richard Fox – Redondo Beach Public Works Commissioner

Larry Rosolowski - CFO, Razor Scooters

Jeff Melodia – Keep It Local

Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce

South Bay Lincoln Club

Mickey Marraffino – 2012 Woman of the Year

Tony Czuleger – Redondo Beach Business Owner

Tobi Quintiliani – Domestic Violence Therapist

Ron Troupe – Neighborhood Watch Block Captain

Kristin Conforti, Development Director, Cancer Support Community

Judith Opdahl, Executive Director, Cancer Support Community

Cezar Mansour – Redondo Beach Businessman

Harry B. Clark – Former Army Ranger

Janet & Alan Kaplan – Keller Williams Realty

Jeannie Penner-More – Peninsula Sotheby’s Int’l Realty

Tony Accardo – Realtor/Agent Beach City Brokers

Michael Jackson

Dale Covington

Nina Zak Laddon

Greg Abramowitz

Christine Gaian

Pam Aspel

Lisa Rodriguez

Elisabeth Diels

Mary Ganis

Joan Irvine

B. Gentil Smith

David Goodman

Craig Funabashi

Steve Goldstein

Christopher Kreidel

April Pitcairn

Lauren Cotner

Howard & Beverly Sachar

C.R. Bob Holmes

Kathleen Kennedy-Riggle

Dan & Rebecca Elder

Julian Stern

Cindy Gross

Cindy Michels

Mary Ann Parsons

Huberth Escobar

Karin Kartounian

Jeff Ogan

Deborah Fehn

Rob Katherman

Corinne Bond

Grace Coopman

Robert Pullen-Miles

Michael Christensen

Rommy Maytal

Ryder Smith

Sheri Seltzer

Daryl McClusky

Kevin Smith

Debbie Goff

Barry Waite

Frank Zerunyan

Gabriella Holt

Jacki Bacharach

Jay Jayasiri

Jim Hannon

Joe Aro

Larry Forester

Mitchell Chang

Shirley Pe

Vinny Fazzino

Janet Johnson

Jan Jeffreys

(Partial List)


 ”Steve Diels has a plan to modernize the City Treasurer’s Office that will make it more efficient and effective. Steve’s reforms will save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and will allow precious resources to be spent on services that improve the quality of life for the residents of Redondo Beach. We support Steve’s comprehensive plan and endorse him to serve as our next City Treasurer.”          Deann & Mike Webb, Redondo Beach City Attorney


“Steve’s education and experience is exactly what the City of Redondo Beach needs to reform the position of Treasurer. Steve understands the challenges the City faces and has concrete solutions to make the position of City Treasurer more relevant and productive. Steve understands the impacts that State legislation has had on the position of Treasurer and the changes that need to be made to our City Charter to bring the Treasurer position into the 21st century.

I urge all registered voters in Redondo Beach to cast their ballots on May 14th for Steve Diels, City Treasurer.”            Matthew Kilroy


“Steve is a conscientious man who prides himself in being a great dad and an honest businessman. He is thoughtful and always looking out for the best interest of his clients and associates. When I want to know the true background of a situation, I turn to Steve for an honest view and unbiased approach. He is a great supporter and I believe in him and support his efforts wholeheartedly.”          Mickey Marraffino


 “It was my pleasure to work with Steve through the South Bay Cities Council of Governments. Steve’s year as chairman of the group was a great opportunity to see his leadership and vision in moving our communities forward. He has an easy going yet focused style that encourages others to bring their best ideas and energy to the organization.”          Barry Waite


 “Steve is a very focused business man with a large heart. He is always professional and personable in his business dealings. He is honest with strong character.
I would strongly recommend Steve Diels.”          Vinny Fazzino


“I recommend Steve Diels as the ONLY choice for city Treasurer. I have known Steve for many years, and when I was a resident of Redondo Beach, and now in my business I often help clients find homes in Redondo Beach; I have seen him work on what’s going to be best for city. He agrees, that we need to bring revenue in to the city of Redondo Beach. He has some great Ideas to do that.

The Only vote for City Treasurer. Steve Diels”          Lauren Cotner


“Steve is committed to the City of Redondo Beach and to any job he takes on.”          Jacki Bacharach


 “Steve is an honest, forthright businessman, with an excellent sense of community needs and fiscal responsibility.”          Daryl McClusky


 “I have worked with Steve on several Committees for the Los Angeles Division of the league of California Cities; and, admire and appreciate his practical good sense. Steve is perfect for Treasure of Redondo Beach.”          Larry Forester


 “I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve Diels for over eight years, as that is how long he has represented my district on the City Council of Redondo Beach. Through my own involvement as a volunteer leader in our Chamber of Commerce, I got to know him and his family even better to more fully appreciate the truly great job he has done for our city. I am sorry to see his term end as a council member but I am thrilled to see him seek the office of City Treasurer which will enable him to continue to serve us in a new and different way. Steve has always been a no-nonsense guy who sees how things work and how to make them better. He has been a great asset to Redondo Beach and we would be fortunate to have him continue is this new capacity. I am proud to count him as a friend, and I heartily recommend him.”          Steve Goldstein


 “I highly recommend Steve. He is detail oriented, direct to the point, and has a no-non-sense approach.”            Shirley Pe


 “I know Steve Diels for his savvy approach to sustainable solutions to difficult problems. He’s a proven leader, manager, and mentor and my recommendation for Redondo Beach Treasurer.”            Joe Aro


 “Steve has dedicated much of his adult life to public service. He has served the people well in his role as City Councilmember. His years of public service coupled with his tenure as a councilmember makes him an ideal Treasurer for the City of Redondo Beach. It has been a pleasure to work with him on a number of public interest issues and I give him my highest recommendation!”            Gabriella Holt


 “Steve is a dedicated public servant who has worked tirelessly to ensure the city has a sound fiscal future. His vision for a more economically vibrant Redondo Beach has benefited the entire city through difficult financial times. The improvements in his district alone are very significant. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve on a number of city initiatives including Measure G and know how invested he is in our community.”            Dan Elder


 “Steve was an excellent person to work with for the Green Task Force, for the city of Redondo Beach, he helped lead Redondo into the eco-friendly movement with sustainability and building on an eco friendly manner, he made sure the residents of Redondo were doing things the right way the first time around.”            Jay Jayasiri


 “Steve has been an outstanding Redondo Beach City Council member, supported and a friend of the cycling community, and I personally support Steve for the Treasurer of the City of Redondo Beach.”            Jim Hannon


 “Steve is one of the most thoughtful and responsible public officials I know. I am confident he will continue to serve his constituents well. All the best!”            Frank V. Zerunyan, J.D.


“Steve Diels is a standup guy with the best interests of Redondo Beach at heart!”            Mitchell Chang


“Steven Diels has a proven record as a passionate leader in his community and a hard worker in business and as a Redondo Beach councilman.”            Jeannie Penner-More


 “As a constituent in Steve’s district, I was impressed with his responsiveness. I would email him and he always replied so quickly. I don’t think it ever took more than a few hours for Steve to respond. Steve always addressed the questions/comments I had, never diverting from the topic.”          Grace Coopman


 “Steve Diels is the best choice for Redondo Beach City Treasurer”          Jan Jeffreys